Verona Card Attractions

With the official Verona Card you can choose from a list of more than 20 attractions.

You can visit as many attractions as you like free of charge in the 24 or 48 hours available. You will also receive a small discount on some attractions and tourist offers.

On this page we present the six most important sights that are included in the Verona Card.

The top 6 attractions with the Verona Card

We do not present every museum in detail, but we would like to point out the most important sights that are included in the Verona Card. These are the most frequently visited by tourists.

Amphitheatre Arena

The Arena amphitheatre, located in the heart of Verona, is one of the best-preserved ancient buildings of its kind. Built in the 1st century AD, it once served as a venue for gladiator fights and today can hold up to 30,000 spectators. In the summer months in particular, the arena is transformed into a breathtaking open-air stage for operas and concerts, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Arena in Verona
© Gabriel Castles / Unsplash

Casa di Giulietta

The Casa di Giulietta is a must-see for lovers of literature and romance. This picturesque medieval house, reputedly the home of Shakespeare's Juliet, attracts thousands of lovers every year with its famous balcony and bronze statue of Juliet. A visit promises to immerse you in the world of the timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet.

Casa di Giulietta in Verona
© Maksym Harbar / Unsplash

Torre dei Lamberti

The Torre dei Lamberti stands majestically above the rooftops of Verona and offers an unrivalled view of the city. At a height of 84 metres, this medieval tower is accessible after a steep staircase or lift ascent and rewards visitors with a panoramic view that encompasses the vibrant Piazza delle Erbe and the surrounding countryside.

Verona Card: Torre dei Lamberti
© Henrique Ferreira / Unsplash

Verona Cathedral

Verona Cathedral, dedicated to St Maria Assunta, is an outstanding example of Romanesque architecture in northern Italy. With its impressive frescoes, magnificent altar and fascinating architecture, it offers a deep insight into Verona's Christian art and history.

Cathedral complex in Verona
© Alessandro Carrarini / Unsplash

Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore

The Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore, dedicated to the patron saint of Verona, is an architectural jewel of the Romanesque period. With its impressive façade, the famous bronze portal and the impressive works of art inside, including Mantegna's altarpiece, it is a testimony to medieval art and piety.

Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore in Verona
© Rui Alves / Unsplash

Castelvecchio Museum

The Castelvecchio Museum is housed in an impressive 14th century fortress and presents an extensive collection of art and artefacts that tell the story of Verona. From medieval sculpture to Renaissance paintings, the museum offers a fascinating insight into the cultural development of the region.

Castelvecchio Museum in Verona
© Rui Alves / Unsplash

This is just a small selection of the more than 20 attractions covered by the Verona Card. You can also visit other museums, churches and historical sites without having to buy a ticket.

On you will find an overview of all the attractions:

In addition to the museums and historical sites, the Verona Card offers additional discounts on some tourist attractions in Rome. These can also be found on the website linked above.

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